Safety and Root Cause Analysis

Continuous Safety ImprovementImproving safety comes from understanding the factors that led to each failure. When you have correctly identified the ROOT CAUSE of the failure, you can then implement solutions. Without identifying the root cause(s), you are often simply treating symptoms – not preventing the next event.

Root Cause Analysis is a discipline, and a process. When your supervisors understand and apply root cause analysis to evaluate a failure, you dramatically improve future results. Without applying this process, you often take a “shotgun” approach, and continue to repeat the poor results of the past.

My role is to train your supervisors and managers in a proven root cause analysis technique so that equipment failures are reduced, injuries are prevented, and you can focus on your operations rather than be threatened with government oversight.

My goal is to improve the skills of your supervisors and managers to build your capacity and operational excellence. By training your people, by transferring knowledge and coaching them to apply these skills successfully and consistently, your employees will develop confidence and new capabilities.

Contact me. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can work with you to improve safety in  your manufacturing environment.