The following training classes can be conducted at your site.

Root Cause Analysis

A facilitated group process aimed at uncovering the basic, underlying causes for events and behavior that we don’t want repeated.

A systematic, analytical process that:

  • Identifies behaviors and thought processes that lead workers to make mistakes
  • Alters the manufacturing work environment to focus on preventing, rather than continuing to react to, chronic equipment failures
  • Engages the manufacturing workforce to incrementally and continuously improve plant and business performance
  • Reduces injuries, environmental accidents, and equipment failures
  • Finds and puts in place solutions that really work

Planning & Scheduling Plant Outages/Turnarounds/Shutdowns

How to plan and execute outages that hit their goals for schedule duration and total cost

  • Coordinating the various outage planning teams so preparations are completed on time
  • Building detailed work plans
    • Making safety paramount in all job steps
    • Accurate estimate of costs (labor, materials, equipment, etc)
    • Complete headcount of needed craftsmen, contractors, supervisors, etc
  • Scheduling the individual work plans harmoniously in a way that safely minimizes the duration of the outage
  • Conducting periodic planning readiness assessments to ensure an outage will be successful
  • Executing the outage on time and under budget

Product Transition Time Reduction

  • Dramatically reduces the time (up to 50% reduction) to complete equipment changeovers when going from product ‘A’ to product ‘B’
  • Converts as many changeover steps as possible to “external” (performed while the equipment is running), then simplifies and streamlines the remaining steps
  • Results:
    • Less equipment down time, more production time
    • Enables more frequent product changes, if desired
    • Improved responsiveness to customer demand
    • Less waste or off spec product during product changeovers
    • Lower inventory levels

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