Leadership Skills Development

I have broad-based experience in coaching leaders, executives, and management professionals. Working with leaders one-on-one, I help them to identify gaps in their skill set and then guide them in activities that address habits which are limiting their career aspirations.

Often I find conflict among leadership team members, and I focus on getting to the source of the conflict so it can be resolved.

I help businesses achieve their goals through increased engagement of their workforce. I can teach classes in problem solving, accountability, and equipment ownership .

I can provide leadership aptitude assessments and personality traits assessments. Feedback from these instruments is helpful in ensuring that people are in the most appropriate positions for their skill set and preferences.  Also, employees are more likely to respond to coaching to change limiting behaviors when they understand how their peers and management view them.

Facilitating the streamlining of business processes and workflows to improve efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously reducing costs is something I have done in many businesses.

Contact me. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can work with you to improve your leadership environment.