Client & Professional Endorsements

What clients and professionals I have worked with have to say about my skills and my ability to deliver results …

Joseph M. Bergin  
Former Operations Support Supervisor,  Millstone Power Station, Dominion Nuclear

Mr. Walker was here at Millstone Power Station assisting our team with a focus on the Operations Leadership Team within the Unit 2 Operations Organization. Mr. Walker shared his insight and observations helping several members of the team to identify their goals and objectives from the big picture perspective. He then assisted many of us to work through a refined and more specific honing of these objectives with our plans to accomplish these items. These were then recorded within our individual One Page Plans. This tool provided each of us with a regular reminder of these objectives as well as a tool for assessing our progress against these objectives.

Mr. Walker met on a regular basis with each of us, coaching and providing input on our perceived progress, providing his feedback on how well we were assessing our own progress. He also served as an excellent sounding board for how other members of the team were viewing our performance and progress. This helped to understand how we may have to deal with both our own misconception of our performance, or how we might want to address shortcomings that others were perceiving in our performance.

In my own personal instance Mr. Walker helped me to work through a situation where I had an enormous gap in my professional relationship with my Assistant Manager.     Mr. Walker discussed several options available to me in working through these gaps. The discussions led to a deeper understanding of the challenges we each had in this relationship. A plan was developed and implemented in a way which both my Assistant Manager and I cemented a closer, more productive relationship. Mr. Walker’s insights and coaching initiated a plan which truly resulted in a Win-Win situation.

I highly recommend Mr. Walker to any and all who are considering his services.

Clifford Chapin
Nuclear Training Supervisor at Dominion

As Assistant Operations Manager at a Nuclear Power Station, I had the opportunity to be mentored by Tom while also observing Tom’s mentoring of a number of Shift Managers. Personally, Tom helped me to be a more effective leader by assisting in the development of a simple but effective plan that set the road map for stronger vertical alignment in our department. Once the plan was developed, Tom guided and mentored my implementation of the plan with check-and-adjust meetings, recommendations for further improvement, and straight forward feedback. Similarly, Tom’s mentorship of the Shift Managers had a lasting effect on those he mentored with regard to ownership of their crew’s performance, and accountability toward department and station objectives. The result was a 30% reduction in human errors and improved performance at all levels in the department.

Evan Offstein, Ph.D; SPHR
Leading high-hazard and high risk organizations to accelerated performance
Principal with Excelerated Leadership Partners

Working with Tom Walker on a difficult project for almost two years, I came to appreciate several of his attributes. On the top of that list is his genuine and authentic concern for the client. In fact, Tom has the unique ability to build trusting relationships with all of his clients while simultaneously adhering to the highest of standards. Everyone he’s worked with has gotten better thanks to him.

Michel Aubuchon
Senior Consultant at SKF Canada and President at Service Conseil Aubuchon Consulting Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Tom on multiple occasions on overseas projects. Tom has a good work ethic (thorough, honest, hard-working, conscientious). I would not hesitate to work with Tom again at any time.

Andy Silver, M.A.
Negotiations skills trainer for National Environmental Lab

I worked with Tom for 5 years at DuPont and admired how he earned everyone’s regard for his proficiency with Reliability Engineering, of which his current CMRP status is his latest achievement. Tom was known as a very personable guy, an engineer who could talk the technical jargon as needed, but was very approachable about any business matter.

Amy J. Campbell, CMRP
Industrial Marketing || Salesforce CRM || Marketing Automation || Business Development Strategist || Resumes & Linkedin

Tom was integral to the first run and compilation of the Root Cause Analysis training material which were built as part of the Reliability Engineering (RE) Series. Tom worked closely with me to help me better understand the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) course, materials and flow so that together we could produce a better RCA workshop. Tom was patient and really had a heart for teaching someone non-technical and was very approachable. I enjoyed Tom’s honest and forthright approach with me, and he is a good communicator as well.

Tim Holmes
Principal (internal) Consultant, Corporate Maintenance & Reliability Systems at DuPont

Tom and I worked together in DuPont’s Maintenance & Reliability Systems Group for a few years. For several years prior to that, I had heard of and respected Tom from a distance for both his Maintenance & Reliability  knowledge and expertise, especially in the areas of Root Cause Analysis and Shutdown Effectiveness. Since retirement from DuPont, Tom has continued to work in the field and broaden his experiences. He is technically sharp, knowledgable in maintenance & reliability, meticulous, a good listener, an excellent instructor, and most of all… a person of high character. I gladly recommend Tom.