Tom Walker“Making Workplaces Work Better” is what I’m about.

During my career, I have worked alongside leaders and their teams at over 40 manufacturing plants (petrochemical, discrete, refinery, power, metals, etc) on tough workplace problems developing solutions having a direct impact on business success amounting to over $100 million.

I am a problem-solving professional with broad-based expertise in training and coaching more than 500 leaders and professionals. Plus extensive experience facilitating 50+ teams to implement workplace best practices.

What changes can you expect from your managers, professionals, and workers?
• Shifting from Managing to Leading
• Worker engagement on Workplace Process Improvements (cost, speed, bottlenecks, quality, lost time, confusion, communications, procedures, etc)
• Sustainable Behavior Changes

As an internal consultant with E. I. duPont for 25+ years, I helped energize DuPont’s plants and factories to achieve increases in profitability & effectiveness.

I have coached over 40 individual managers to improve their effectiveness (their “Followership”). I’ve trained 40+ Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage (STO) managers & their teams to plan and execute effective outages.

I’ve led more than 50 Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigations for injuries & equipment failures.

I can routinely reduce factory product-to-product transition/changeover times by 50% or more.

We should talk if you’d like to see your supervisors and managers become more effective at:

Contact me. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can work with you to improve your production environment.




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