Dynamic Focus

In their book, Dynamic Focus, Wayne Gerber and Dusty Stuab write about the two fundamental perspectives that guide our daily interactions: the transactional and the transformational.

The transactional perspective is the realm of success, measurable results, return on investment, and tangible rewards and punishments. In contrast, the transformational perspective is where we find personal meaning, discover new possibilities, create, love, inspire, and innovate.

It is only in the transformational space that you can develop a deeply felt sense of core purpose and personal meaning. The transactional world can satisfy basic needs and create material comfort, but it is the transformational that feeds your heart and soul. The transformational perspective is both deeper and larger.

Without a regular way of tapping into this greater context, it is easy to get lost in the mechanics of the day-to-day transactional world. Individuals and organizations do this all the time, with painful results.